Competitive Fees

Competitive Fees

Here at the Knoxville Football Club we strive to give you the best value for your money as we know that playing competitive soccer isn't cheap. We feel that by providing quality coaching, quality extra sessions, and providing free off-season training (June-July, December-January), we stretch your dollar as far as we can.

Club Fees pay the salary of the coaches, the extra training, field rental, field maintenance, insurance and Club overhead.  Additionally we offer a variety of Extra Training sessions throughout the week. Plan on attending Goalkeeper Training, Technical Training and various other offerings throughout the regular and off season. 

The fee breakdowns are done by age groups, which are listed below.  Additionally, there is a $95 registration fee which pays for insurance and registration with the State of Tennessee, plus 2 Training Shirts  (delivered during Awesome August, or upon registration after Aug 1). 


    Annual Club Fee

2012           390



2010           880
2009        1,100
2008        1,100
2007        1,300
2006        1,300
2005           820
2004           820
2003           820
2002/01           820



Families have a choice of paying in one lump sum or 3 or 9 payments.  (U15 and older have the choice between 3 and 5 payments, due to their shortened Club year).   The initial payment is $95 due at registration with the remaining balance broken over the duration of the payment plan.

The club fees listed above cover two training sessions each week.  Older teams may benefit from a third training session for the entire soccer year or a season to be used for extra conditioning or technical training.  If a coach, in consultation with his or her team and with the approval of the Director of Coaching, chooses a third training session, an additional charge will be applicable.

Team fees

Each individual team will collect Team fees.  Team Fees cover the cost of tournament entry and reimburse the coach for travel expenses.  Your manager will let you know the team fees for the season, and they must be paid directly to the manager. We cannot process them through the online payment system.






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