Knox Crush Soccer Academy Ages 3-8 Years


Our year-round soccer league is all about giving children the opportunity to touch the soccer ball many times in a pressure-free game situation. Our Academy League coaches teach children the preliminaries of competitive soccer, sportsmanship, and team play. We offer children the experience of playing on a team, while focusing on player development and fun. All of our practices and games lay the foundation for competitive soccer in a relaxed atmosphere. To make sure our players stay fit and active year-round, we provide indoor sessions during the harsh winter. During the spring and fall, we take advantage of our outdoor fields. 


Enroll now for the Fall 2017 Soccer Academywhich begins Monday, September 11 and runs through November 4. To register, click Fall 2017 Soccer Academy. The fee is just $100 for ages 3-6 and $150 for ages 7-8 for 8 weeks of training and games.  Each player will receive a new uniform shirt (new and returning players).  

WHEN: SEPTEMBER 11-NOVEMBER 4 (off for Fall Break 10/7-10/14)

WHERE: West Park Baptist - 8833 Middlebrook Pike , Knoxville, TN 37923

PRACTICES: One day a week and YOU choose the day when you register!


Ages 3-4 Pre-Mites and 4-6 Mini-Mites will play intra-club games starting between 9am and 10am.

Ages 7-8 Junior Mites will participate in the CLAS League for varied competition 

Age 9 may participate with the 7-8 year olds as a transition to competitive soccer.

Season ending Jamboree Celebration on November 4.


$100 for Pre-Mites (age 3-4) and Mini-Mites (age 5-6)

$150 for Junior Mites (age 7-8 to cover league entry fees)

This can be paid online via our website (you'll be redirected after you register) Alternatively, you may mail a check to our club: Knoxville Football Club, P.O. Box 52848, Knoxville TN,  37950.


All players should bring a size 3 soccer ball for practices
All players should wear shin guards with long soccer socks that go over the shin guards
All players should bring water to drink during water breaks

Newly Revised Curriculum

Coach John Giles has 15 years coaching experience for ages 3-12 at all skill levels.  Together with Coach Casey Shanklin and Coach Haylie Smith, he has developed a comprehensive curriculum designed to move our Academy players from their starting point to the next level of profiency in soccer skills and game awareness.

Our Philosophy

We strive to instill a love of soccer.  We will instruct your player on the fundamental skills necessary to develop as an athlete, teammate, and a soccer player.  We want to see your child outgrow our program and move onto more challenging teams.  We prepare your player for their next steps in soccer or other athletic endeavors. ENROLL NOW!





Pre-Mites (ages 3-4) Mini-Mites (ages 5-6): 5:30pm - 6:30pm / 6:40pm - 7:40pm
Junior Mites (ages 7-8) 5:30pm - 6:30pm


Pre-Mites (ages 3-4) Mini-Mites (ages 5-6): 5:30pm - 6:30pm / 6:40pm - 7:40pm


Pre-Mites (ages 3-4) Mini-Mites (ages 5-6): 5:30pm - 6:30pm / 6:40pm - 7:40pm
Junior Mites (ages 7-8) 5:30pm - 6:30pm


Pre-Mites (ages 3-4) Mini-Mites (ages 5-6): 5:30pm - 6:30pm / 6:40pm - 7:40pm


Game Day


Contact John Giles, Academy Director with any questions:  

865-408-7308 x2 

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