Why KnoxCrush?

The Knoxville Football Club is a competitive soccer club founded in 2000 based upon the founders’ desire to teach life lessons through soccer.  The Club’s commitment is to use its resources to provide world-class training, develop first-rate facilities, and engender a passionate love for the game of soccer.  While the players, coaches and staff strive to succeed at the highest possible level, the development of the player as a person is emphasized first and foremost.

The Knoxville Football Club is a nonprofit entity that qualifies as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) organization of the Internal Revenue Code. The Club strives to make its programs available to all youth players who have a sincere desire to learn to play soccer at a competitive level, and the Club has an active scholarship committee that makes financial aid available to those who need financial assistance to participate in the Club’s programs. The Club is governed by a board of directors that meets on a regular basis, and the day-to-day activities of the Club are implemented by the Director of Coaching.

The Knoxville Football Club has been a positive force in the local soccer community for over a decade. More importantly, our Club has been important in shaping the lives of children through the great sport of soccer. We believe our Club’s goals, values and culture make us uniquely qualified to help youth soccer players in our community learn a great sport while experiencing the lessons of life that are learned through sports. The following are some of the factors we would encourage you to consider when you evaluate our Club and select a soccer home for your player:

Player-Centered Coaching

Our coaches are coaching soccer because they love seeing children grow and learn through sports. Whether they are coaching a team at the highest level or a team that is just starting out, our coaches’ main focus is to help each player realize their potential as a soccer player. Our coaches certainly want to win soccer games, but more importantly, they want to maximize our players’ personal growth.

Developing the Whole Player

Our Club’s focus is on all aspects of our player’s development, not just technical soccer skills. Our coaching staff strives to help our players grow in body, mind and spirit through soccer. The game of soccer can be a great teacher, and our staff tries to use that resource to its fullest potential.

Team Focused

Our Club understands that one of the main reasons children play youth sports is to enjoy the great experience that comes from being part of a team. An important part of our Club’s culture is to encourage team cohesion throughout each soccer year.


Our Club’s goal is to have the best-maintained soccer facilities in the Knoxville area. Our home facility at Lakeshore Park, which we operate and maintain with AYSO Region 279, is the most scenic and centrally located soccer facility in the Knoxville area. We maintain other convenient training areas in west Knoxville, and we are continuing to develop our own complex where we recently completed a beautiful full-sized field.


Our board of directors and staff understand that competitive soccer is an expensive activity, and we strive to provide real value to our families. We strongly encourage our teams to have a reasonable travel budget each season, and we keep our club fees and overhead as low as possible. We never force our families to participate in soccer training activities just to generate income for the Club.


We are always welcoming to new families to our Club, but we do not want to grow just for growth’s sake. We want to add coaches and soccer families that share our values and goals and who will help us grow in a positive way. And we want to make sure we have adequate facilities and quality coaches to serve every new team.


Our coaching staff and board of directors welcome open communication from our soccer families. Competitive soccer is part of our players’ overall educational experience, and our coaching staff recognizes that the whole family must be involved for your child’s soccer experience to be positive.

Honest Evaluation

We hope that we have the right spot for your soccer player in our Club’s programs. But if we do not, your family deserves an honest evaluation that we may not have the right fit for your player. Our goal is not to attract players just to grow revenue; it is to help children grow through soccer. And if we are not the right fit in a particular case, we will let you know.


One of the most important lessons that can be learned through sports is to win and lose with grace and dignity. We want our players, coaches and families to respect each other, other teams and the referees that make playing soccer possible.




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