Knoxville Football Club is Committed to Keeping Kids Safe

Everyone is a mandatory reporter

At Knoxville Football Club we are committed to the safety of our players.  We believe every child has a right to participate in a safe environment.  

We accomplish this by complying with state policies and laws in ensuring that every coach passes a background check and completes child abuse safety training through the Tennessee State Soccer Association

This is also why we have a policy in place to ensure that any report of abuse is handled appropriately. 

Federal Law

A  new federal law entitled “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017” was recently and immediately implemented at the national level.  This risk management law is designed to protect youth, and report immediately those acts of abuse that affect our players and participants.  The full legislation can be read here and below are additional details on the specific mandatory reporting of child abuse requirements:

24 Hour Mandate
All suspected child abuse reports, including sexual abuse, must be reported within 24 hours to all adults who are authorized to interact with minor or amateur athletes

Definition of Child Abuse
The legislation defines child abuse as physical or mental injury, sexual abuse or exploitation, or negligent treatment of a child.  Including: bullying, hazing and harrassment.  (Including harrassment of youth referees).

Reports to Proper Agencies

Club Risk Manager:  

Department of Children's Services: 1 (877) 237-0004

Knoxville County Sherrif: (865) 215-2243

Tennessee State Soccer Risk Manager:  Don Eubank or Hans Hobson

US Center for SafeSport

Failure to Report
An individual who is required, but fails, to report suspected child sexual abuse is subject to criminal penalties including fines and up to one year in jail.

Additional State Law Requirements
These obligations are in addition to any state law requirements that an individual may have in a particular jurisdiction.

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The Tennessee State Soccer Association's Code of conduct found here: CODE OF CONDUCT

All coaches, board members and volunteers are mandatory reporters of suspected abuse or neglect.  Including Sexual abuse, physical abuse, bullying, hazing, harrassment (including harrassment of youth referees). 






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